Premier Development Parcel on the Emerald Coast – Sunset Pass at Lake Powell

Sunset Pass at Lake Powell is the Emerald Coast’s Premier Waterfront Development Parcel

IMG_2865During the real estate market boom in 2004 and 2005, development parcels were the most coveted real estate. Developments  on Scenic 30A, Destin and Panama City Beach would be instant cash cows for the savvy developers. When the market crashed many of the prime developments were left unfinished or completely abandoned and became bank owned property. In 2011 many investors realized the potential of purchasing development tracts along the Emerald Coast. DR Horton and Kolter Homes bought many of the developments and the Emerald Coast has since becomes DR Horton’s #1 selling market in the country.

Sunset Pass has been off the market since 2006 while it’s owners waited out the market downturn. It is truly one of the last hidden gems on the Emerald Coast. With it’s ideal location, gulf and sunset views, this exceptional development site represents a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a race piece of Florida waterfront property.

Sunset Pass is an exceptional and rare investment opportunity to acquire one of the most highly desired waterfront development parcels in the Florida Panhandle.

Located on the eastern end of Philips Inlet on Lake Powell, this 39 acre site was recently approved for a 117-lot residential PUD with 22 waterfront parcels and boasts approximately 1,721 linear feet of water-frontage. Prime location convenient to Scenic Hwy 30A including Rosemary Beach and Alys Beach; Pier Park; and the Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport. With 39 contiguous waterfront acres and its stunning, unobstructed sunset views over the Gulf of Mexico and Lake Powell, Sunset Pass sets itself apart as one of the most highly desirable development sites on the Emerald Coast as well as the largest available from Destin to Panama City Beach.

For more details on this exceptional development opportunity please call Craig Baranowski 850.259.1788

23515 Panama City Beach Pkwy
Sunset Pass at Lake Powell
39.51 Acres Raw Land
1,721ft waterfront
2,147ft Frontage on PCB Pkwy
Zoned SR1 15 units/acre
Please call Craig @ 850.259.1788 for pricing and more information.


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      Sunset Pass is currently being sold as a development parcel. Once it is under contract I will be able to communicate what the intended use of the parcel may be. Most buyers interested in the parcel are looking to develop it as a single family planned community. The waterfront parcels will have spectacular views.

  1. Erin Hubert says

    My two sisters and I are interested in purchasing a beach house/investment property together on 30a. We have no experience in this and would like any information you can provide. Thank you! You can reach me through email or phone 931-561-8087.

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