Bank of America formerly Countrywide NEW NEW Short Sale Process…

Yes you heard that right. This is the NEW NEW short sale process. Just being rolled out at the end of September 2009. I believe there are doing a phased roll out as there has not been any formal announcements as to the new process.

This week I had a cryptic voicemail that one my short sales for Bank of America was being moved into the system. The voicemail informed me that I needed to register with and have my seller register as well. My seller would then need to select me as the agent associated with the file. At first I thought this was a scam, however, I called Bank of America and confirmed that this is a new streamlined short sale process that Bank of America will be using. According to Bank of America this will dramatically increase the efficiency of short sale processing.

From what I was told, Bank of America will be not taking any more short sales while they transfer the processing to REOTrans. This will be for a very short period of time and would explain why many of my Bank of America short sales and my colleagues’ short sales in my distressed property network were having issues getting new short sales into the Bank of America system.

So, I have initiated my first formerly Bank of America formerly Countrywide short sale. The future is bright…I hope!

I will keep everyone updated as I get new information.


  1. Scott says

    Is it your understanding that they are moving exisiting files to this new system? We have a negotiator, a BPO in the system and another completed. Could you elobarate on what role would play in a short sale? Thanks

    • says

      Hi Scott,

      It is my understanding that it will only be new files. We had a file submitted about 2 weeks ago and was recently entered into the Bank of America Short Sale System. It was then moved to It iss the first of ours to be moved to this system. We currently have over a dozen short sales in active negotiations with Bank of America and this is the only one affected so far.

      Unfortunately, we will all discover the new process and procedures by trial and error. I would recommend discussing all your open files with Bank of America to learn which one’s may be potentially affected.

      My biggest issue with the new system is that it is an automated on-line system that will require the sellers to log into it and enter information. This will create new challenges for sellers that are not web savvy nor have any desire to enter any information into a web portal and will cause more delays.

      I am remaining positive that this will be a much better solution in the long run.

      Thanks for the great question.

  2. says

    Hi! I’m 2.5 months into a short sale with former Countrywide…BofA that is also backed by Fannie Mae. We have an offer and have a BPO completed, but no negotiator assigned. I just got put into the REO Trans system. Our offer is not listed there and when you call REO Trans they tell you they are just the software company facilitating documents. Have you made any more forward progress since you’ve been put into the REO Trans system?

    • says

      Hi Lila,

      Nothing has changed on our end. I am very curious as to what the next step will be. It appears you get put into the REO Trans system, you register and then nothing happens. We will keep working ours but please keep me posted if anything changes on your end. We are all curious how this REO Trans system will work and if it truly will be a more efficient system.

      Craig Baranowski

  3. says

    A couple of our short sales were just “included” in this system as well.. the hard part is we’re now waiting on Countrywide/BofA to call and set up the system. I’m not confident that it will happen quickly or accurately, but apparently there’s no choice. Just an FYI, select “Agent” rather than Vendor unless you’re looking for REO Listings.

    • says


      Thanks for posting. I am looking forward to either being or hearing from someone that gets past the initial step with REO Trans Bank of America Short Sale process. I am afraid there is not an automated way for the short sale to progress or link the property to your profile without manual intervention from a Bank of America representative. I am in constant contact with my colleagues and am eager to see one move to the next step.


  4. says

    REOTrans is Changing Its Name to Equator

    LOS ANGELES, Oct. 5 /PRNewswire/ — REOTrans, the nation’s leading provider of online financial solutions, announced today that it will be changing its name to Equator. The reason for the name change is to facilitate the expansion of its technology solution. Since its inception in 2003, REOTrans has grown beyond REO automation to become the epicenter of the Default Servicing industry. The name change is scheduled to take place at the end of Q4, 2009.

    “The founding principles that have earned our clients’ trust will remain, the only thing changing is the name,” says Chris Saitta, CEO. He went on to say, “Growth requires change, so to enable our growth we’re changing our name to Equator. The company chose the name to represent its scope and purpose. Equator is comprehensive yet precise and a point of change. It’s also rich in metaphor, which helps communicate and perpetuate the company’s identity.”

    REOTrans currently provides a comprehensive technology platform that automates and connects the Default Servicing industry. The platform includes a configurable workstation, vibrant marketplace, transactional web site and a borrower self-service portal. It automates everyone’s daily process while connecting them and their disparate systems in a safe and transparent ecommerce environment.

    Currently 51 Mortgage Servicers, 15,000 Default vendors and 625,000 Real Estate agents use the REOTrans platform to manage more than 150,000 transactions daily. Over $65 billion in foreclosed real estate has been sold through the REOTrans platform. REOTrans is headquartered in Los Angeles and maintains several field offices on the West Coast, Dallas and Denver. For more information contact REOTrans at 310-469-9500 or email

  5. Tom Drude says

    I have had a short sale offer into BAC for nearly 4 months with all required documents faxed several times to their Short sale department.

    BAC lost the first 3 faxes of these documents, finally acknowledge acceptance, ordered a BPO and I have been waiting for a BAC negotiator now for 2 months.

    Two weeks ago BAC directed that we need to create a REOTRANS file. I began the process only to discover that REOTRANS has system problems (reportedly they are working on) that will not allow upload of required BAC documentation.

    So now BAC suggests I must cancel the REOTRANS file and start over with the manual process which apparently they have suspended with no further action.

    This is a very good Short sale offer and the buyer is extremely dismayed that BAC has not responded.

    The effort has been extremely time consuming and there is little assurance anything will ever be completed.

    This is the last BAC property short sale I will ever under take,, TD

    • says


      Many thanks for your post. Yes the Bank of America short sale process is very frustrating. There are a few favorites of mine that are also laggards including Suntrust. We have had a set-up coordinator growing dust balls on our file for 5 weeks…some of these short sale files could have turned into fine wines with the amount of aging they get.

      88% of distressed property in our area are short sales so they are very hard to avoid. I have a love / hate relationship with them. The only thing that keeps me motivated is that I get to help our sellers avoid foreclosure and the buyers get an awesome deal on a property. The most fun part about the whole process is after months of hard work and getting hammered by everyone to get the short sale completed in a timely manner…the lender hands you the “commission-ectomy”. Good times.

  6. says

    We submitted the SS package to ReoTrans 2 weeks ago. Everytime we go to REoTrans to look for an update they send us back an email stating we must go to Bank Of America Short Sale System to reply. There is no website or email address for that in their reply notice. We were told the other day if we called back before a certain date which happened to be 3 weeks from that time it would negatively affect our file. It is sad that we as real estate professionals are trying to move these properties to get them off the books and avoid further deterioration of our market values and they can’t or won’t expedite these files.

    • says


      It appears that Bank of America has yet to go public on their relationship with Equator formerly REOTrans. I wish I had some answers on what is happening next but it appears they started the system and neither Bank of America or Equator employees know what to do next. Check out the article I just posted on this…HERE.

  7. says

    Over a month ago, I was doing my usual update calling on several short sale files I have with bofa. I was told that one of my files (which had already been assigned to a negotiator) had been transferred to REOtrans and to log onto the website. After logging on, I was told my assiged tasks were basically to redo everything I had done 2 months ago, starting with uploading the authorization letter. Then I get a “task” to accept or reject this short sale aqssignment (that I had been working on for 2 months already). My next task was to upload all the docs again. Since then, I have not heard a word on that file. A few weeks ago, they did the exact same thing with another file that was well in progress.
    I have spent weeks trying to find out all I could regarding this. The REO hotline number, the live chats on their site, the support people at bofa. I have been told everything from ” I have never heard of REOtrans”, to your file is not in the REOtrans system, to “your file is in the system but your seller must go on the website to sign up” (there is no place for this-they first have to call 866-921-4772 and receive a temporary password, then they log into: One of my clients is still waiting for a their password. When I inquired as to how 2 of my files had been selected for REOtrans, I was told it was “random”, I was told it was “from files that had been sitting in limbo due to not having enough negotiators” and I was also told that at this present time there are only “10” people trained in this system.
    Bofa is turning into a nightmare.

  8. LeAndra Shepherd says

    I have been working on a file for over 4 months. Spoke with B of A negotiator just today, 11/10/2009. She never mentioned this system, funny, and tells me she will have a response for me by the 18th of this month. She also tells me everything in the file is updated and she will be in contact. Now I want to email her to find out. I have another file I just took on that is Bank of America. I really really hate working with them. I wish everyone would follow EMC’s guidelines on short sales, they are like day and night from these systems.

    I think having a seller included in input to the system will only frustrate the heck out of our sellers. When will these banks learn that we agents have been doing this for years and implementing all these unnecessary 3rd party companies only complicates things.

    By the way….is ReoTrans taking 30%

  9. Scott says

    I am a seller in the short sale process with Bank of America and we were transferred into the REOTrans system after having uploaded all of our documents, the offer and had both BPOs done. We got our offer August 4. Everything was uploaded into the “old” BofA system within a week. We got the letter outlining the time frame in which following steps would occur. They held to that timeline through the input of the BPO. Our first BPO was uploaded to BofA 9/30, and second on 10/14. After that….crickets. Everytime my agent called they said it had just been assigned to a negotiator, although they would not release the negotiators name, and we would hear something by the end of the week. This happened I think three or four times. I then got a phone call saying that we were going into the REO Trans system. What?????

    I go the username and password and set-up the account, uploaded all my documents, and assigned my agent. Unfortunately, no one told me or her that she needed to set up an account, so she never got the email saying she needed to upload all the offer documents…again. I got a letter a week later stating my short sale had been denied because we didn’t upload the offer within 7 days. I called customer support and luckily got one of the 17 people in all of Bank of America who know what is going on. She reset the property (actually just created a new file) and we went through the upload process all over again. My agent created an account and uploaded all the documents. We got the status of the offer from “negotiating” to “Held”. My worry is that they are now waiting to get additional BPOs because I got another letter (the exact same letter as two months ago) from BofA outlining the process timeline from here out, including getting BPOs.

    They told us last week (11/9) that there was supposed to be a status change on 11/14 (which would have been Saturday?), but nothing has changed. now we are just waiting and no one we talk to has any idea what is supposed to happen next. No one has been able to confirm that the BPOs already completed will in fact be used, rather than new ones being ordered. An no one seems to know who is now looking at our file. What a cluster!

    In addition to all of the above issues, we have been given false phone numbers and false email addresses on several occasions, I guess, in an attempt to just get us off the phone. The worst part is that there is no accountability. We just have to sit here and take it. There is no one that can make something happen. There is no one to whom you can report any of this. There is no one that seems to give a sh*t.

    • says


      It appears you are getting a big run around. My best advise is to tell the Bank of America representatives that your are recording the phone call for accuracy since you have been given incorrect phone numbers and emails on several occasions. I would also make sure you document everything…every call, every name, every conversation. Then there becomes a time when it is necessary to escalate to supervisor’s supervisor and explain their proven unwillingness to mitigate the loss and a proven pattern of disorganization and a blatant lack of effort to help you as the seller avoid foreclosure. I would then explain that if you do foreclose you will have a very well documented and strong case to sue them. This will typically get their attention and get the file back on track and possibly even to the finish line.

      A good place to start is to file a complaint with the office of the Bank of America CEO:
      Call Ken Lewis’ office.

      704-386-5687 number to his office.
      There is a full staff there including negotiators to handle escalations. Remember that if everyone uses this then it will lose it’s effectiveness. So please us as a last resort when things are totally out of control.

  10. Debbie Tuggle says

    Hi Scott, My seller got her offer the beginning of APRIL, we are now in our 8th month as of last friday having all required documents faxed to BofA/Countrywide. They have done 5 or 6 BPO’s to keep them current since the process has taken so long. We had a first stage negotiator assigned in August and he contacted me via email on Saturday, August 8th but his email went to spam quarantine. He left me a voice mail message on Monday, August 10th that we had 24 hours to again forward all of the required documents to him or he would cancel the file. He also requested current bank statements and payroll stubs since the ones on file were from February and March. I forwarded all of the documents to him on August 12th. That negotiator continued for weeks to ask for additional information, all requests were via email so I have all of the documentation. I found out on October 13th that he cancelled the file on August 11th and after that date the negotiator continued to ask for additional documents even though he had already cancelled the file. He even requested a Profit and Loss Statement from the seller.. The seller paid her accountant in Texas to prepare a “Profit and Loss” statement and he Fedexed to her, all after the negotiator had cancelled her file without disclosure to us that he had done so.

    It was suggested last week that I have the Short Sale Department close out this file and have the file transferred to the REO Trans system and the seller and I have decided against that.

    I have a written record of every phone call placed, date, time and who I spoke with. I have contacted the Economic Crime division of the District Attorneys office in the appropriate county in Colorado for fradulent business activity on the part of Bank of America. I have contacted the corporate offices of Bank of America to file a complaint. I was given the “Team Leads” name of the negotiator that cancelled the file in August and contacted her via voice mail and email 9 times with no response. I also have a professional relationship with a Regional Manager for the short sale department of Bank of America and she has had “zero” luck also. The seller gave her authorization to speak on her behalf and nothing seems to help.

    Frustrated beyond belief, I wish you luck. All of us will need it since only 20% of all short sales ever close.

  11. Ellen Dittman says

    I too recieve phone call to register with REOTRANS. I was not able to register my short sale. I went to and of course needed password. I called the phone # supplied on that page. No help there. I called BofA and was told I had the wrong loan # and did not have authorization. I called the CEO office. Was given the correct loan #. They verified I do have authorization. I was given, by them, 1 866 880 1232 to call again. Just got off the phone with them and was told all files in their computer system have converted to DOS and is why they cannot read them. That, I was told is why they may not have had my authorization. They could not explain, nor help with registering with REOTRANS.

    • says


      This is very confusing isn’t it. When I spoke with the CEO of REOTrans, he clearly stated that Bank of America needs to initiate your account into the Bank of America Short Sale Portal. Once you have been entered into the system and your account has been initiated you will receive a verification email and invitation to join the Bank of America Short Sale portal. It should be a simple process. Unfortunately, I do not think all of the employees involved at Bank of America know what is going on. I hope this helps and hopefully you can educate the folks at Bank of America on how to get this done. They most likely will need to manually get you entered into the REOTrans system versus the automated way that they are speaking of. At some point Bank of America is going to allow Realtors and negotiators to initiate the process and hopefully this will alleviate many of the issues of getting a file started.


  12. says

    This is causing more headaches than solutions. Bank of America is notorious for not streamlining anything. They are causing more bottlenecks with Servicers and Investors so they attempt to band-aid it with ReoTrans. The site is a big joke because you literally have NO CLUE on how to get a username or password. And once you do find a way to get docs uploaded no one knows the left hand from the right. This is a huge mess and a poor solution for BOA deals. I suggest you keep in contact with your loss mitigator that you have been working with on deals and email packages to them. They will be able to help you much more. or

    Remember… be a servant,

    Cory Boatright
    Loss Mitigation Specialist

  13. J_Witt says

    I am currently buying a short sale home in Las Vegas from BoA. Before I made an offer on the house the sellers agent assured us it would be an easy process as she had communication with the negotiator and they had already stated the price they wanted for the house (there was a previous rejected offer). We put in the offer a bit above what they stated they wanted based on the BPO, and we thought we were just waiting for an approval. WRONG!

    That was a month ago, and the sellers agent has told us they have moved to the REOTrans system and are awaiting a new negotiator to be assigned. Today, she told us that BOA still hasn’t uploaded the purchase agreement yet and that is why a negotiator has not been assigned yet. I’m confused because I was under the impression that the sellers agent is supposed to upload all the paperwork into REOTrans so that the bank can take a look at it? My agent told me she has used the system before with other banks, but that statement made we wonder. I know the purchase agreement is a pivital part of getting a negotiator assigned, so I don’t want to waste any more time than we have to.

    Would love everyone’s advice on what can be done from a buyers perspective besides just wait it out. 🙂

  14. says

    Just to ad my two cents. I am the Broker/President of my company. Having been involved in 100’s of short sales, never have I ever seen the poor performance like that of BOA. Yes, I understand, they are taking on a lot of short sales, but you do like the rest of us do and you hire staff memebers and get them trained. The majority of the agents in our area call and if they find out that it is a BOA loan, they do not show the property as there is no way they are going to allow their buyers to get tied into a 120 day contract that will more than likely get rejected.
    I have tried calling Ken Lewis office and they dont care either. I assure you if anyone of my agents blatantly lied to to another agent or anyone just to buy them more time, I would terminate that person.They will tell you one day that it will be assigned in 15 days, however if you hung up and called right back, someone else will tell you 30 days. My heart goes out to the sellers who are being jacked around BOA, and its sad when you cant even call anyone to complain because it gets you no where.

  15. Kristine says

    Is anyone having any luck with the REO Trans/Equator system? Our story is the same as above, we (I’m the agent) were told that we had to sign up and work it through the website. At first everything seemed fine, if not repetitive, but then we went to “HELD” status. There we sit. We have sent countless emails to the message centers and to the general negotiator mailbox. They ALL COME BACK UNDELIVERABLE! The guy who originally called us to set us up on the system no longer returns our calls. The phone number they provide is disconnected. When we call customer service they transfer us to a mailbox that says it is full.

    I swore of BofA/Countrywide short sales, but this looked promising. Now I am in the same wasteland only I don’t even get ot hold for an hour before being dismissed. I have had no contact in almost 30 days now.


  16. Kim says

    I have a short sale that I’ve been negotiating with B of A since August. Last week they finally sent an agent to do the BPO. Yesterday I was contaced by someone at B of A that did not leave a telephone number, he instructed me to register on reotrans, which I already am. When I logged onto reotrans he has sent me an email and a task to complete. I’m unable to complete the task, I receive the following errors.

    The Short Sale Initiation process could not be completed for one of the following reasons:
    The data entered (Loan #, Borrower Name, etc) do not match. Please try again by clicking on the “Initiate Short Sale” link.
    The data entered (Loan #, Borrower Name, etc) is misspelled. Please try again by clicking on the “Initiate Short Sale” link.
    The Borrower does not have a loan with Bank of America. If you believe this is incorrect, please call Bank of America at 1-866-880-1232

    Not only that, the loan number that my email refrences does not match my clients loan number. I’ve sent several emails back to this individual with no response. How do they think this will be faster if they don’t respond so we can get started !!!

    • says


      Well they just made your life more interesting. I am not sure why they put you into REOTrans when you were already in process. The sad thing is that if they just did the BPO and have had the file since August it means that they have done absolutely nothing with your file and have not even assigned a negotiator.

      I would try to get back in the traditional Bank of America system. This is the best option for another month or so while they work out the issues…such as the one you are currently experiencing. However I think the problem is that you need your seller to register with the REOTrans system so…

      For all REOtrans deals you will need to have your seller call in, set up an account and upload all of their financials (bank statements, pay stubs, tax returns, hardship letter, etc).

      I hope this helps. Let me know how it goes.


  17. Malou Toler says

    This is the email that I sent to the teamleader of my negotiator. I have been trying to get an approval since, Aug and it is only one loan with this Bank!
    The new system is supposed to automatically create an approval letter, after it had been signed off by the negotiator. I am so frustrated and everytime I email my negotiator, she will tell me to email her through but she will not respond. Isn’t this CRAZY!!! BANK OF AMERICA is the largest bank in America, but they don’t know what to do with their dhort sale properties. Citimortgage gave me an approval in two weeks! WHY…oh, why???

    I am so sorry to be bothering you. But, I think that the silent treatment is not going to help us. I will just continue to follow up every day, if that’s what it will take to get the written approval. I am hoping that you, being a team leader can help me follow this up from Anne Lacava. Don’t you think that it is just fair that I should be able to make money for the 4 months that I have been working anf following up the status for this file?
    I am at your mercy, please, I need somebody to answer my emails.

  18. dkaz says

    Same story. Submitted a listing and all documentation in Aug.  By Sept we had an offers submitted. We were told to use REO Trans and we did. We went back and forth with B of A and REOT and were led in circles.  It was either the B of A ppl had no idea what I was talking about to one person saying there would be a decision on 11/6.  Never happened.  Still sitting in HELD status.  What the hell people!  Are they trying to run a business or just piss everyone off?  I think at this point the better option would be to just foreclose. Give them what they want.  REO Trans has not helped  and B of A is obviously no help.

  19. Melissa says

    Wow – Has anyone yet closed a transaction through Equator?(REO trans). I am an agent in Orange County – double ending a short sale with BoFA. Everything uploaded to Equator and in the negotiating position….After reading everything above – afraid of what will happen next.
    Would love to know if BoFA has closed one of these yet.

    • says


      The Bank of America Equator system is very new and the first files were entered into the system around the October time frame. A few of my piers have received approvals in 75 days which is amazing considering Bank of America’s track record. The trickiest part is getting everything into the Equator system correctly so the file can be processed and approved. Right now it appears to be a black hole due to many of the Bank of America personnel not being trained on the system and not knowing what to do or how to help Realtors and sellers on the system.

  20. Melissa says

    Thanks for the response Craig. Sale date is set for Monday – Can't seem to get anyone to respond on our request to postpone. If we do, then will keep you posted on my experience with Equator.

  21. Frances says

    Frances states:
    I have a few short sales (2) which have been in short sale for 11 months, now that B of A systems have changed we are receiving mixed messages, sign up with Equator to track our short sales files. 
    We did"  I faxed using faxmaker, manually fax and e-mail documents to B of A now we have received e-mails with negotiators names, next we received e-mails from bank of america that Titanium solutions is handling the files. next we receive a letter coming from generic negotiator, stating the short sale was denied because they did not receive all of the documents.
    We have sent a letter to the CEO Moynihan, and Ken.D. Lewis. now we have the escalation team working on these short sales. And we still having mixed e-mails. My suggestion you have to keep calling Bank of America 3 times a week on each short sales until u get an approval letter. We have no trouble with Wachovia Mr Chris Hall is the best he can get you an approval in 7 days. 
    Ctiimortgage, Carrington Mortgage are great to work with. 
    Indymac/One West Bank they take a little longer but do keep on top of your short sales. 
    We no longer use REO Trans we deal direct with the bank.

  22. Carol says

    I received an offer (full price listed) on my house Jan 1, 2009, the remaineder of the deficiency of my Short Sale will be VA backed.  I called BOA repeatedly to start the SS process and was on hold for an average of 30-45 minutes, routed to three different extensions, and told a different answer each time.  I was told to upload all information into the Equator.  (The links never worked).  I called to get that fixed and I was told that since it was originally a VA backed loan the Equator could not deal with it.  I was then told to FAX the documents. When I called to verify all of the docs were received.  I was told they have no way of checking.  I do not have any idea if all of the documents have been received and I still do not have a negotiator/contact person. I did get a generic email saying the short sale was declined due to the documents not being recieved within 14 days.  When I called they said they had no idea what I was talking about.  I did find out that calling at 5 am PST works pretty well.  I will take the advice above and document every phone or email.  If anyone has any other ideas please post.  My realtor tells me the agents in my area won't deal with short sales any longer since the process is so difficult.

    • says


      This is the beauty of a Bank of America short sale. You are learning as you go and the people making decisions on your home at Bank of America have no idea what is going on. Being a VA backed loan presents some unique challenges and processes. I have not handled a VA backed Bank of America loan so do not have any specifics for you. Let me check with some of my colleagues and I will get back to you.

      Typically when you fax in your short sale package it takes at least 10 days to get logged into their system. Of course after waiting 10 days they will say it is not there and to send again…then you wait 10 more days…and so on and so on. It is a most wonderful process. That is the one benefit of the Equator system as it gives you instant verification that the files have been loaded and accepted into the system.

  23. Meg Vogt says

    I submitted the third complete Short sale package to CW/BOA by fax on 12/31/09. Have been working on this file over one year and have lost two other buyers do to lack of response for BOA.  Today on my followup call, I was informed that I needed to start over and submit SS package online on  This is like re-creating the wheel, they want you type in all new listing data, photos, directions all of it. as apparently the scanned MLS sheet is not sufficient.  After scanning all my 174 pages of documents so I could upload, I succeeded in only uploading a Seller authorization. It will not allow me to upload the contract, Seller financials, which by the way have been faxed to BOA and update atleast 6 times in the past year.  And now for the kicker, it appears that will publish the offering price online in order to obtain higher bids on this property online.  This was not disclosed to the Selling Agent's Buyer,  How many  hard working Realtors out there are going to take their buyers to BOA properties for the opportunity to be used as a minimum bid for their auction.  Someone please correct me if I am wrong. 

  24. Florian says

    Hello, Craig.
    I am trying to purchase a property through a short sale that needs to be approved by BofA.
    Listing agent is asking for my social security #, my date of birth and my home phone # in order for him to continue the transaction!
    Is that a requirement of the new system to have these personal information of buyer?

  25. says

    Hey Craig,
    In the BOA equator system, agents are asked to input information about the seller and their lender. They do ask for the personal info you mentioned, but they do not ask for the whole social security number just the first 5 digits. If you want the agent to proceed to the next step give him or her the 1st five digits of your social only. Hope this helps..

  26. Florian says

    Thank you for your answer!
    One correction, if I may: I am the buyer in the transaction not the seller. I am pre-approved already by my own Lender. I have provided the pre-approval letter from my Lender to the Listing agent, but the listing agent wants my ss #, date of birth, address and phone #.
    In your response you were talking about the Seller…Is it the same requirement from the buyer also regardless of the proof of ability to qualify?
    Thank you again for your time.

  27. says

    Remember the game of SORRY? That is what equator reminds me of

    Agents uploading an offer to the bank remember, if the offer is outside of the  suggested sales price "range" that they have in mind….sorry… you get declined and go back to square one!
    If you are in negotiations or the value stage, or any other stage for that matter and the buyer bails…sorry….you get declined and go back to square one!
    If you have an offer that is full price for say, $240,000 and a new offer, maybe even cash offer comes in at $255,000…think twice before you let BOA know because guess what?…..SORRY!.. you go back to square one.  Even if you have had all the appraisals done and BPO's they will put you back to the beginning, let you work your way up to valuations, and have you sit there waiting for ALL NEW  appraisals and BPO's to be done. How costly and crazy is that. New offer, new BPO's even if it is the same price offer!  Normally this happens, we think wow, the bank is going to be happy about this new offer that came in!
    If you input short sale information to the bank, you have 7 days to upload one offer and only one, they don't want to see anymore than one, even though it says you can upload up to 3 offers ever 7 days.  I think they put that there for all the banks they thought would run with them and didn't. One offer, take your best shot.
    I hope this helps, but I will share what I do.  I created a supplemental sheet that goes on the MLS that the selling agent downloads, fills out and submits with the offer.  It spells out every item that in needed from buyer, lender, and selling agent including the first 5 digits of the buyers soc, and DOB, if they do not submit it with the offer, it says in the MLS that their offer will not be submitted. Agents and buyers feel this is an invasion of privacy, however the system will not allow you to submit without it.  Don't even try to do it, or you will be very disappointed as the system only allows you to move forward through the process, without skipping questions, and you can not save it or go back.  I you do not have information, don't make it up.  It is better to just be prepared, and have buyer's agents stick to your guidelines that were laid out by the equator platform.
    LeAndra Shepherd
    Independence Realty

  28. says

    Also, some of the stages do take longer, but don't wait for BOA, call them, call them 2 times a week or so. Also, if you send any messages, you have to send them through the equator platform only now. If you send them by email to the negotiators they will ignore them.  If you send a complaint to any upper team  mgmt  in the short sale dept or outside, make sure you do not put the loan number or borrower's name in the subject line or ….sorry!…. the system is set up to block all private information on the subject line and anything in that subject line should be the "reason" for your contact such as: "request for management approval" or whatever it is you are contacting them for. The put the private info in the body.

  29. Richard says

    Craig, how is it legal for a bank to ask for the buyer's first 5 numbers of their social security number it the buyer is remitting a cash offer?  Especially since everyone knows that the last 4 numbers have been used for some time to confirm a social security number from the party confirming identification to a creditor. 
    Just because BofA is asking for it does not make it a legal request.  However, the broker is not able to submit an offer to BofA unless it is set up with the first 5 of the social security #.  This was set up by BofA and not Equator from my investigation.
    Perhaps this is something that should be forwarded to the AG or the Banking Commission for further consideration.
    Everyone I have talked to so far has questioned the legality of it.
    I look forward to your input.

  30. julie hestand says

    Question, from all the things I have been reading up on the B of A short sales thru Equator, it looks like another long wait until closing from the time you get the approval letter.  Am I reading correctly? About 60 days??  Thanks~

  31. Kathy says

    What is Equator?
    Is Equator a CA domestic LLC?
    Equator LLC collects specific personal data from those who are required (by BAC) to use Equator services.  What is known about Equator?  What should be known about Equator LLC?
    Who is the managing member of Equator?  Who are other members of the organization?
    Does Equator have an affiliate relationship with BAC LLC, BAC LLP, BAC NA, Recontrust NA or any other Bank of America or Countrywide?
    Why is Bank of America redirecting clients to Equator?  
    Under whose name is Equator registered with the California Department of Real Estate?

  32. Pam Nolin says

    I am the buying broker in a transaction that started March 18th. We actually received the approval from BofA by April 28th.  Had a full go ahead, then the mortgage officer threw the bomb and said he didn't think he'd be able to get the closing package in time for the May 28th closing.  The listing  agent immediately asked for an extension of approval from BofA , which was received.  Now we have been waiting for a week to have the old HUD backed out of the equator so they can upload a new HUD, which then has a 72hr turn around time.  We were told backing the old HUD would be a 1-2 day process.  Anyone else have this going on?  What is the real wordl time frame to back out the old HUD.  My buyers financing is only approved thru June 21st. 

    • says

      Pam –

      If it is stuck in Equator they need to escalate and call Bank of America to get the HUD re-approved. Equator is an excellent system compared to the “old way” of doing things, but there are a few times where you need to go around the system to get things done…especially when you are this close and dealing with real dead lines.

      Craig B.

  33. eugene says

    I made an offer on a property to BAC which was accepted in November 2009. It has not yet closed! listing agent, title company are unable to find out what's going on. The propery is being serviced by LPS (Lender Processing Services – Asset Management Solutions. The property shows up on their website as UNDER CONTRACT. Is there anyone who has succesfully escalated and closed under similar circumstances? Any succesful contact numbers, details woulf be appreciated.

  34. says

    The equator system is not a proprietary system for BoA. I have closed deals with Wells Fargo  that were process through the equator system so it does work. The problem is with BoA.
    I submitted a offer to BoA via equator on April 15, 2010. i rec'd a counter offer on May 13, 2010 requesting the seller to conrtibute. At this point I am thinking OK this works. The seller agreed to BoA terms on Amy 17, 2010. We were told the task to get the written approval would take place by May 24, 2010. We have been following up for over a month. We have had zero response. The customer service department (answers phone) does a great job. They have escalated our request FOUR times. Still no response from anyone. The customer service group always ask if we want to take a suyvey to rate their service. I think BoA should worry less about their customer service dept and focuss more on their management and negociators.
     True story:  The toll free contact number on Equator for the negociator is to what appears to be a phone porn site.

  35. LeAndra Shepherd says

    BOA still has a ways to go! Their customer service dept. seems awesome because they read like a skit, same routine, same escalations requests that I have to this day mean nothing. They escaclate the file for a response, 7 working days for the negotiator to respond. It is like the parent who always warn he will punish the child for doing wrong, yet never follows through with the spankings.  They are more and more requesting the sellers to contribute to the short sale. Sellers who are not willing, well….you know the story there "end of negotiations".   If you are lucky and get a negotiator with a direct phone line, things can move along a little better, however in my opinion, BOA just does not get it!
    This equator platform is the same system that reotrans has been closing thousands of REO deals on.  Running the BOA short sales through it is not working well because BOA just did not train their staff to get things done in any timely manner!

  36. Michael Houser says

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